Stephanie Stephanie Durruthy, M.D., Founder, Psychiatrist

"Listen to your brain signals, your emotional health depends on it."                                                           -Mindsupport

Stephanie Durruthy, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist in a private practice. Dr. Durruthy has treated thousands of females in a variety of settings including military bases, academia, and public, as well as, private facilities. She has held clinical positions with the U.S. Public Health Service, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins Bayview Psychiatric Day Hospital. Dr. Durruthy has held faculty positions at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is a frequent lecturer and writer on women’s health issues.

Dr. Durruthy is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and has served on their Committee for Women. She is a member of the Association of Women Psychiatrists and the North American Menopause Society. In addition, Dr. Durruthy writes for a variety of newsletters, publications and blogs on issues related to women’s health. As a psychiatrist, a mother, and a woman, Dr. Durruthy offers a strong voice on behalf of women and their mental health.

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 Address:         5074 Dorsey Hall Drive                          Ellicott City, MD 21042

 Phone:            410-992-0272

 Specialty:        Psychiatry

 Education:     Cornell University, B.S.                          Hahnemann Medical College, M.D.

                         St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical                          Center, Psychiatric Residency

                         University of Maryland, Psychiatric                          Administration Fellowship